Mapping NYC Transit. All of it.

Anthony Denaro:

Looking at The Subway Map the thought hit me: If I can transfer to the bus for free, why isn’t there a map that shows where to connect with buses? Why does the system map only show subways?


The whole system of buses and subways could fit on one map. It could work. Right?

The result is one impressive, and good looking, map:



Mapping Brooklyn (detail above) was the hardest part:

Brooklyn’s street layout requires the need for a incremental angle grid. This influenced how the rest of the city would be laid out. I started out using 45/90 angles. I found this to be too rigid to accurately display the entire city.


I ended landing on a 22.5/45/90 degrees. 22.5 is the magic number that made this project work. It afforded the right subsect of minor angled lines at 22.5/67.5/112.5 degrees. This kept the map looking neat enough.

Mapping NYC Transit. All of it. →

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