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In succession to those hilarious The Practical Developer Book Covers, the Twitter bot @OreillyCover has been created by @GNUmanth. It allows you to roll your own book covers by just tweeting at it.

Feed the bot tweets using the following format:

@OreillyCover /orly {title};{topText};{author}

Tweeting @OreillyCover /orly Hanging out on Slack;Being unproductive without feeling guilty about it;SlackHQ for example yields this:


The animals and colors used are randomized per request.

I wonder what the technology stack behind it is. Also: slash command? Where’s that Slack bot implementation?

UPDATE 2016.04.25: The source code of the bot is available on GitHub. It’s a Node script running a Twitter client that listens for tweets and passes on the hard work to a cover generator running on Heroku.

Although the cover bot points to URLs starting with https://orly-appstore.herokuapp.com/generate?…, the cover generator itself can actually be found over at http://dev.to/rlyslack. A Slack integration is provided, and the images (40) + colors (16) can also be customised. The source of the cover generator – written in Python by @AModelEngineer – can also be found over at GitHub.

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