JavaScript Photo Sphere Viewer

Photo Sphere Viewer is a JavaScript library that allows you to display 360×180 degrees panoramas on any web page. Panoramas must use the equirectangular projection and they can be taken with Photo Sphere, the camera mode brought by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Photo Sphere Viewer uses the Three.js library, so nothing is required for your visitors except for a browser compatible with canvas or, better, WebGL.

Photo Sphere Viewer Demo →
Photo Sphere Viewer Source (GitHub) →

Published by Bramus!

Bramus is a frontend web developer from Belgium, working as a Chrome Developer Relations Engineer at Google. From the moment he discovered view-source at the age of 14 (way back in 1997), he fell in love with the web and has been tinkering with it ever since (more …)

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  1. Are PhotoSphereViewer and three javascript libraries free of any costs to comercial use? or do they have a cost?
    I have already used both in a webpage in development environment, but would like to be sure of use them in a commercial web site without a cost.

  2. In addition to panoramic files, can a standard flat image be displayed with traditional pan and zoom functions? Would like to use the viewer, and hotspot features, side-by-side with both standard image files and panoramic files.

    Thanks in advance…

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