JavaScript Photo Sphere Viewer

Photo Sphere Viewer is a JavaScript library that allows you to display 360×180 degrees panoramas on any web page. Panoramas must use the equirectangular projection and they can be taken with Photo Sphere, the camera mode brought by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Photo Sphere Viewer uses the Three.js library, so nothing is required for your visitors except for a browser compatible with canvas or, better, WebGL.

Photo Sphere Viewer Demo →
Photo Sphere Viewer Source (GitHub) →

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2 Responses to JavaScript Photo Sphere Viewer

  1. Eric says:

    Can photos stored on the client computer be viewed?

  2. Nilton says:

    Are PhotoSphereViewer and three javascript libraries free of any costs to comercial use? or do they have a cost?
    I have already used both in a webpage in development environment, but would like to be sure of use them in a commercial web site without a cost.

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