PHP Geotools


$geotools = new \League\Geotools\Geotools();
$coordinate = new \League\Geotools\Coordinate\Coordinate('40.446195, -79.948862');
$converted = $geotools->convert($coordinate);

// convert to decimal degrees without and with format string
printf("%s\n", $converted->toDecimalMinutes()); // 40 26.7717N, -79 56.93172W
printf("%s\n", $converted->toDM('%P%D°%N %p%d°%n')); // 40°26.7717 -79°56.93172

// convert to degrees minutes seconds without and with format string
printf("%s\n", $converted->toDegreesMinutesSeconds('%P%D:%M:%S, %p%d:%m:%s')); // 40:26:46, -79:56:56
printf("%s\n", $converted->toDMS()); // 40°26′46″N, 79°56′56″W

// convert in the UTM projection (standard format)
printf("%s\n", $converted->toUniversalTransverseMercator()); // 17T 589138 4477813
printf("%s\n", $converted->toUTM()); // 17T 589138 4477813 (alias)

Geo-related tools PHP 5.3+ library built atop Geocoder and React libraries

Batch geocode/reverse geocode, convert datums, distance calculations, etc.

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