Freelancer Productivity Quest: The Ultra-Schedule


Jessica Hische, freelancer, in search of the ultimate day-schedule:

When I moved to San Francisco I was suddenly surrounded by people with “real jobs”, who didn’t have the flexibility I had (and who loved filling their weekends with fun non-work-related activities). I found myself, more and more, conforming to a normal office work schedule, running into the same problems I had the last time I kept a 9-6 workday (i.e. giant unproductive blocks of time before and after lunch), but compounded by all the additional running-your-own-business daily bullshit.

She reorganised her day schedule using a few basic rules (such as: “No deadlines on Mondays”), resulting in a tight – but more importantly workable and productive – schedule, packed with for fun and for work moments.

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  1. My schedule looks very much like this… everything is blocked out. It is both my short term planning and todo list for major blocks of work. Afterwards I readjust this and it becomes my time registration for billable hours.

    Like Jessica I very much conform to the “9 to 5” even though I have the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere. I like the structure that it brings into your life – evenings and weekends are for fun and relaxing.

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