On Responsive Layout and Grids


For those who often enquire about my responsive grid “solution” — it’s about 10 lines of code. Not a problem that keeps me up at night

Tried a grid-based approach in a site that’s about to launch any time soon but found it conflicting with the mobile first idea: I’d be undoing the grid’s CSS in the narrowest layout and then re-applying them later on.

In the next project I’ll be sticking to the system I used before: general classes (like .unit or .col) and based on the context (wrapping element) I’d specify the needed width if the screen estate allows me.

Glad to see I’m not the only one using a simple solution.

On Responsive Layout and Grids →

David also gave an excellent talk at Responsive Day Out on Responsive Navigation. Be sure to check the video.

Caption image by Jono Mallanyk

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