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You might have noticed the absence of posts here on the past week. Culprit were the new lesson materials I have developed for the course Rich Internet Applications (next year to be renamed to Web & Mobile Development)

The developed materials consist of a set of interactive in-browser slide decks, powered by (a customized) Reveal.js and are freely available on GitHub. If you happend to find a bug or have a suggestion, feel free to fork off and send a pull request.

For now, only two slide decks are included in the materials. New slide decks will be added whilst the semester progresses.

RIA Course Materials →

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Bramus is a frontend web developer from Belgium, working as a Chrome Developer Relations Engineer at Google. From the moment he discovered view-source at the age of 14 (way back in 1997), he fell in love with the web and has been tinkering with it ever since (more …)

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