My Trancefusion 2006 (TF9)

Trancefusion 2006The latest personal project I’ve been working is the website for Trancefusion, our yearly event we organize with our scoutsgroup.

What once (40 years ago!) started as a small party named “Scouts & Gidsenbal” (SGB from now on) grew over the years. By 1997, after moving to various – read: bigger – locations to finally end up in the “Brielpoort” (one of Belgium’s biggest halls located in our hometown Deinze), SGB attracted more than 3000 people.

The concept had changed over the years, and in 1997 SGB got a facelift. The dance-aspect of the party (which already had it’s own room/hall) was named Trancefusion and that party was boosted as THE main event of the evening since house/trance/techno/… are very popular. The shift in course was an instant hit: by now, 9 years later, TF attracts 5000 people who all are there for one cause: music. Many of the visitors still come for SGB, many others come for the top-notch deejays.

Trancefusion 2006 - Flyer

Enough history, on with the nerdy stuff. The Trancefusion 9 website has been launched! Designed by Coy (who also created the poster & flyer, as he usually does), “website-ified” by me (did I just invent a new word?).

It’s not my usual “XHTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL”-site, it’s full flash this time since such a party requires some interactive things which cannot be achieved with the general techniques I use. However, I still was able to get real nerdy and bounce in a Googlemaps-implementation for the roadmap.

See you october 14!


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