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To all users with a SonyEricsson T68i/T610/Z600: I’ve made a small script which lets you control your ICQ from your phone. Read in πŸ™‚


First of all, let me get things clear: there does not exist an icq version to run on these phones! Most ICQ versions written for phones only run on pda’s (which aren’t really phones).


So how do I have my ICQ then on my phone?
Well, it’s plain simple: to manage my SE T610, I use a program called “float’s mobile agent” (fma for short).

fma can handle your phonebook (sim & phone), messages (sms/mms/etc.), profiles, pictures, sounds, etc.

fma is written for SonyEricsson phones, so don’t try connecting your pc and your nokia phone with it, it just won’t work! Above that fma is not written by me (let me get this clear!), so don’t even bother contacting me on how to use the app/add a feature

fma connects to your phone using one of the following methods:

  • a cable
  • infrared
  • bluetooth

The force behind fma is that you, the user, can implement extra scripts (vbs or pascal). At this moment, some ppl have coded scripts to control powerpoint (like if you make a presentation), windows media player, winamp, etc.

One neat feature of fma is that, when connected using bluetooth, it can roam if your phone is within a range. This is very usefull, like for example when using with winamp: when going out of the room, pause winamp, when returned, resume the song πŸ™‚

Remote Control

This of course gave me an idea: control my icq from my phone, using the ICQ API

By using the ICQ API, this means that you must have ICQ running on your computer. The ICQ API does NOT replace ICQ, nor does the script I wrote.

The first “problem” was plain simple: from within a visual basic script (vbs for short), you can’t use API calls.

And the solution is as simple as the problem: make a “wrapper dll” which is a link between the script and the API?

So I went on and started coding a small .dll which basically is a class which calls up the API calls and can be used from within a vbs (external classes are supported).

The temp name of the wrapper DLL is BiW which stands for BramusICQWrapper DLL


For now, I have implented the following features:

  • change status
  • view contact list
  • send message
  • send url

    Of course I have to mention one very important thing:

    This will ONLY work with ICQ PRO, since the API was originally written for ICQ 2000. Also due to this fact, the ICQ API is rather outdated and doesn’t support all recent ICQ events.


    Forgot this: my script does not connect to icq using wap or some other technology (i.e. gprs), it only connects to your computer (with fma running) which then sends commands to your icq.

    This will result in:

    • a free icq control on your phone, you don’t have to pay any phone charges.
    • you can only connect when near your pc

    Where can I get it?

    For now, you can’t download it yet, since it’s not finished yet!

    The url it will be posted on is (Only the news page is online)

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