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Personal website vs. Blogs

Why do we have them? Why do we make them? For fun, that’s basically it … But what is the real difference between a pw and a blog? This for sure aint no blog, as it was never intended too. The stuff I could post here could be 100 times more than it is now, but I just don’t feel like flooding you all with my (uselles) things I encounter … I’ve chosen for this to be a small piece of me, and not me in total. Yes, blogs are very popular nowadays, but what do you get from it?

People always tend to copy a persons behaviour/style so that they can form a group and not stand alone. It’s in our nature, just face it. And with this given, blogs are extremely popular: you can read what a person does or what he has encountered. With this you try to unify yourself so that you can be part of a group.

Stuf to think about aye?


Please note that this content was imported ater the relaunch of (April 2006) and that this project, named BramusICQ, now has its own page over at

version 1.0 soon online, check to grab the first release 🙂

Current features

  • Change Status
  • View Contact List (name – uin – status)
  • Send a Message to a contact
  • Send an URL to a contact

Planned (whenever I feel to make it)

  • More info on a user
  • Enter descriptions when changeing status
  • Proximity scripting (like when you leave the room, icq must go to away)

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