Simplify continuous deployment with Project Nebula

Interesting new product (Beta) from the Puppet folks:

Project Nebula automates continuous deployment of applications to multiple cloud-native targets. Our objective is to dramatically simplify continuous deployment of cloud native applications and infrastructure by composing the tools and workflows your developers already use into simple, repeatable deployment workflows.

Project Nebula →
Simplify continuous deployment with Project Nebula →

Google Cloud Platform Terraform Recipes

At work we’ve recently started to use Terraform to manage the cloud infrastructure of our clients. During my initial research on how to set up a Cloud SQL instance using Terraform, I stumbled upon the “Terraform Google Modules” organization (unaffiliated to Google). They provide several Terraform modules in order to easily create:

  • A Kubernetes Engine Cluster
  • A CloudSQL Instance
  • A CloudSQL HA Cluster (MySQL RR)
  • Cloud Functions
  • Repository Triggers

This will surely save me and my colleagues some work 🙂

Terraform Google Modules (on Terraform Registry) →
Terraform Google Modules (on GitHub) →