FedEx artworks by Walead Beshty

Artist Walead Beshty has been shipping boxes built out of laminated glass panels. The boxes are built to the exact size of standardised FedEx boxes, so that they perfectly fit inside ‘m.

The glass works are shipped unprotected, so that cracks appear with each successive shipment. The FedEx waybills, customs documentation, and any shipping stickers added to the box are considered part of the work.

The results are exactly what one would expect them to be:

Great concept 🙂

(via Colossal)

Sidenote #1: Remember this 2011 video of a FexEx delivery guy throwing a computer monitor over a wall? … Busted! 😂

Sidenote #2: Bike manufacturer Van Moof has seen a drop in shipping damage to their bikes by 70-80 percent after they started printing flat screen TVs on the boxes: