Game Of Thrones Rap

in this game of thrones it’s eye for eye
there is no middle ground you either win or die
you gotta watch the cats who watch your back
you can get hit quick and man that’s a fact
politics and bedfellows who’s real who’s fake
the surprise in your eyes when your man goes snake
it can happen to your fam or you all alone
we go big we go home we play this game of thrones

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Major Lazer – Original Don

How much I love the first part of this song (especially from 0:30 up to 1:00 — has some Beirut feel to it — followed by the sublime transition to the beat), how much I don’t know what to think of the last part (2:50).

Oh, in case you’re in doubt: Yes, my favorite artists still are Bonobo, Sigur Rós, Jónsi, Blockhead, Fat Freddy’s Drop, etc. 😉