Running Aptana Studio/Zend Studio/Eclipse on a Retina MacBook Pro

Eclipse based products such as Aptana Studio or Zend Studio are not retina-ready. Luckily, there’s a way to force it to running in Retina mode. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Locate Aptana
  2. Right click it and select Show package contents
  3. Open Contents/Info.plist with your favorite text editor
  4. Locate the two lines that read
  5. Above those two lines, insert this:
  6. Save the file
  7. Right click Aptana and select Get Info
  8. Confirm that the info panel has the checkmark Open in Low Resolution unchecked

Note: It’s possible that Finder won’t detect the changes you made. In that case make a copy of Aptana, delete the original Aptana and rename Aptana Studio to Aptana

Aptana should now look like this:

It’s not ideal yet as the chrome icons are still blurry, but it’s a great leap forward nonetheless: text is now rendered very crisp.

Installing the original Aptana 1.5 PHP Plugin in Aptana 2.0

With the release of Aptana 2.0 the Aptana developers decided to drop their excellent plugin in favor of PDT. The reason behind this move can only be reduced down to huge amounts of alcohol and/or illegal drugs because – one must admit – the PDT plugin is a pure joke. Luckely there is a way to install the old Aptana PHP Plugin into Aptana 2.0 🙂

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