My Red Alert

Yesterday I went to see “Code Red“, the new show from Praga Khan at Capitole, Gent. One might know Praga Khan from their superhit “Breakfast in Vegas” or “Power of the Flower” and think that the show is one odd thing with pounding beats and such. Let me contradict this immediately: the show is a nice collaboration of different music styles, theatre, visuals, specials effects, ballet, etc!

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The Box Office 0.4 – Finally here!

Well, it took some time since I first announced it (erm, 5 months to be exactly), but finally, The Box Office 0.4 has landed!

  • 3 steps of separation : Define – Adjust – Result
  • Drag support for manual adjustments
  • Added extra padding option
  • New and improved website

Go check it out yourself at