Rearrange / Animate CSS Grid Layouts with the View Transition API

About 5 years ago I found this neat library called animate-css-grid that allows you to use transitions in your CSS Grid. As new items get added or change size, they animate:

Today I revisited its flagship demo, switching it over to use the View Transition API.

See the Pen Animate CSS Grid with View Transitions by Bramus (@bramus) on CodePen.

Switching to View Transitions was a breeze:

  • Set a unique view-transition-name on each element in the grid.
  • Wrap the DOM updates in a call to document.startTransition.

And with that, the grid will nicely reshuffle.

If you take a close look at the reworked version, you’ll find some of the finer details – such as a tiny delay per transitioned element, or the way the elements grow – are missing. Nonetheless, I find the result already to be pretty amazing. Just a few lines of JS and CSS, and you have an animated grid layout 🙂

Update 2022.05.12: I had Jake help me out to get the expanding animation right:

See the Pen Animate CSS Grid with View Transitions (now with expanding squares!) by Bramus (@bramus) on CodePen.

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  1. Cool. It would be even better if it could animate when the screen width changes. Now, when changing the width of the window, the cards are teleported without animation. I tried to fix it, but it didn’t work out. Can you improve it?

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