A Blog Post About Blogging

Michelle Barker:

I find the best way to learn about a technical concept is by writing about it. Often I’ll refer back to a blog post I’ve written in the past, to refresh my memory. Sometimes the act of writing itself is enough to preserve it in my mind.

Hear hear! The same goes with preparing a talk/presentation.

Glad to also read I’m having a positive influence on Michelle there:

I’d like to get more into the habit of blogging about interesting articles I read, or creative coding demos I come across. Often I’ll come across something on Twitter and retweet it, but I like the idea of having a place where I can easily go back and find the link, without having to scroll back for ages. […] Bramus frequently does it on his blog.

As I’ve noted in my 2021 year in review post:

I tend to share this kind of stuff here — instead of resorting to Twitter — because that way I can add a bit of extra information, remix the code covered, add a nuanced opinion, etc.

You can think of my blog as my personal bookmarking service, which you also happen to have access to 🙂

Looking forward that what you’ll be sharing in the future, Michelle!

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