Cascade Layers: Practical Use-Cases / Examples

Highly interesting post by Manuel Matuzovic on Cascade Layers. Manuel skips out on the technical/theoretical details — which were already been covered by me, Stephanie, Una, … — and jumps straight into the practical side of things.

While I’m writing this blog post, I’m looking at a large site I’ve been working on and I’m trying to find scenarios in which cascade layers could’ve been useful.

He identifies three scenarios where Cascade Layers could’ve helped:

  1. Overly specific base styles
  2. Third party styles
  3. Utility classes

Cascade Layers: Practical Use-Cases / Examples →

💁‍♂️ Cascade Layers?

CSS Cascade Layers (@layer rule and layered @import syntax) provide a structured way to organize and balance concerns within a single origin.

Rules within a single Cascade Layer cascade together without interleaving with style rules outside the layer. This allows authors to achieve a certain cascade ordering for same-origin rules in a proper way.

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