Coloring With Code — A Programmatic Approach To Design

Speaking of George Francis in the previous post, he’s also got a post up on Codrops on color palettes.

Learn to create beautiful, inspiring, and unique color palettes/combinations, all from the comfort of your favorite text editor!

If you’re not into the color palettes themselves, at least give the part where he explains LCH a read.

In short, LCH is a way of representing color just like RGB or HSL, but with a few notable advantages — the most important for this tutorial being its perceptual uniformity.

The color manipulation and conversion is powered by a package named culori, created by Dan Burzo.

Coloring With Code — A Programmatic Approach To Design →
Culori →


Based on his code, I created this interactive demo that dynamically creates a color palette using his createHueShiftPalette method:

See the Pen Coloring With Code — A Programmatic Approach To Design — Interactive Demo by Bramus (@bramus) on CodePen.

💡 Use the color input to change the base color.

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