Dev Roulette Live — Conversations with Frontend Developers

I don’t know exactly how she does it, but apart from all the work on her side projects, newsletter, family, etc. Stephanie Eckles also hosts a show named “Dev Roulette Live”

Dev Roulette is a conversation between Stephanie Eckles and up to two mystery guests about topics that are particularly important to front-end developers including: CSS, JS, and Accessibility.

For the second episode (mid June) I had the honor to join the conversation together with Michelle Barker.

It was great to finally “meet” both Stephanie and Michelle, two persons who definitely are on my “you should follow them on Twitter”-list. In the hour we had we talked about Layout in CSS, Creative CSS, Progressive Enhancement, etc.

I very much like the spontaneous atmosphere that lives during these conversations. Take the topics for example: although they are a pre-defined set of topics, they are not fixed — a spin of the wheel decides what topic will be talked about.

If you can’t join live (on Twitch), you can always watch the recordings afterwards, on YouTube.

Dev Roulette Live →
Dev Roulette Live on YouTube →

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