A Look at Building with Astro

Chris did the experimenting I’ve been meaning to do and wrote the blogpost I wanted to write, covering Astro:

Astro is a brand new framework for building websites. To me, the big thing is that it allows you to build a site like you’re using a JavaScript framework (and you are), but the output is a zero-JavaScript static site. You can opt-in to client-side JavaScript as needed, and there are clever options for doing so. Notably, the learning curve is somewhat flattened by the fact that it supports componentry you may already know: React/Preact (JSX), Svelte, Vue, or web components.

If you’re more into video, this episode of Learn With Jason also covers is (demo/coding starts at around the 20 minute mark):

People who have tinkered with it are more than excited about it, as it hits a sweet spot:

A Look at Building with Astro →

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