WWDC: Meet Safari 15

In this video from the most recent WWDC, Jen Simmons (Web Technologies Evangelist) and Myles Maxfield (Safari and WebKit Engineer) introduce Safari 15.

Meet Safari 15: redesigned and ready to help people explore the web. Discover how you can approach designing websites and apps for Safari, and learn how to incorporate the tab bar in your designs. We’ll also take you through features like Live Text and accessibility best practices, explore the latest updates to CSS and Form Controls, and learn how to use the aspect-ratio property in CSS to create incredible websites.

Great to see that things like CSS aspect-ratio and Individual Transform Properties will ship with this release. Also nice that sites like CSS-Tricks and Resilient Web Design make a cameo in there.

I’ve quickly tested bram.us in Safari 15, and the top bar nicely takes over the set CSS background-color, without manually specifying any theme-color at all.

There’s no real need to set it, unless you want control over it of course. If you’re very eager you could even animate it 😅

This nice example where the theme-color reflects the form’s error state als put a smile on my face:

The new “A tab is also the address bar”-approach is pretty jumpy though, as shown in this video:

Let’s hope Apple also considers this an issue before shipping Safari 15.

Design for Safari 15 →

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