Style the target text from text-fragment links using the ::target-text pseudo-element

One of my favorite features that shipped with Chrome 80 β€” apart from Optional Chaining β€” is the ability to link to text-fragments. By default Chrome will highlight those in yellow:


As tweeted before, coming to Chromium 89 is the ability to style those text-fragments using the ::target-text pseudo-element, which is part of the CSS Pseudo-Elements Level 4 Specification.

This snippet below:

/* Style scroll-to-text fragments */
::target-text {
    background: #00cdff;

Will visually manifest itself like this:


Note that the ::target-text pseudo-element can only be styled by a limited set of properties that do not affect layout. Only following properties apply:

  • color
  • background-color
  • text-decoration and its associated properties
  • text-shadow
  • stroke-color, fill-color, and stroke-width


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