“Yes or No?” — One Checkbox vs Two Radio Buttons

Great research by Sara Soueidan:

If you have a question with a binary Yes/No answer, is it better to use one checkbox or two radio buttons?

As per usual: It Depends™. The consensus however seems to be that requiring an explicit “No” is the determining factor to avoid the simple checkbox.

Over at CSS-Tricks Chris Coyier has collected several options how to implement this, in one handy pen:

See the Pen Ways to ask Yes or No by Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier) on CodePen.

Do note that not all of those listed options are as usable as the others. As Sara says:

[A]s with all user interfaces, nothing beats the input you can get from user testing and research.

“Yes or No?” — One Checkbox vs Two Radio Buttons →

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