CC Symbols – A webfont with Unicode-compatible Creative Commons license symbols

New in Unicode 13 is the addition of the Creative Commons License symbols (along with 5382 other characters):

  1. U+0229C No derivatives
  2. U+1F16D Creative Commons
  3. U+1F16E Public Domain
  4. U+1F16F Attribution
  5. U+1F10D No rights reserved
  6. U+1F10E Share-alike
  7. U+1F10F Non-commercial

Daniel Aleksandersen was quite excited to use these on his site, but then noticed:

No system fonts — font files pre-installed with operating systems — support these new characters yet. Even if some system fonts added these characters today, the updated versions won’t reach visitors’ devices until a couple of years from now.

To solve this he created a minimal webfont CC Symbols that only contains the copyright symbol (U+00A9) and the 7 new CC license symbols.

To use it, load it as a webfont and limit its use to only the 8 characters it supports with unicode-range

@font-face {
  font-display: swap;
  font-family: CCSymbols;
  font-synthesis: none;
  src: url(CCSymbols.woff2) format(woff2),
       url(CCSymbols.woff)  format(woff);
  unicode-range: u+a9, u+229c,
                 u+1f10d-f, u+1f16d-f;

body {
  font-family: Helvetica,

Nice work, Daniel!

New font with Unicode-compatible Creative Commons license symbols →
CC Symbols (Direct Download) →

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