Andy Budd: 11 things I know to be true

Photo of the Clearleft offices.

Andy Budd, part of Clearleft, shares some things he has come to believe over the years:

  1. You are not your user
  2. It’s often easier to break big problems down into smaller problems
  3. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up
  4. Design can provide a huge amount of value to business
  5. Designers and technologists need to stop seeing themselves as separate from “the business”
  6. The key role in any design or technology team is the lead role
  7. Everybody is largely trying to do the right thing
  8. It’s better to design the right thing than design the thing right
  9. It’s easier to sell a well designed product than a poorly designed one
  10. Product management is the hardest job in tech
  11. The reason most projects go wrong is because of a lack of shared understanding from the outset

Be sure to read the whole thing, as it comes with some nuance. Take this addendum to truth #2:

However if you break things down too much, you lose the big picture view and entropy sets in. As such, you need to think both big and small.

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