Disable Hardware Media Keys Support in Chrome

A new feature that landed in Chrome 73 is support for hardware Media Keys. Whenever you press one of the play/pause/next/prev buttons on your keyboard, Chrome can now respond to this and will pause/play the actively playing element.

Whilst this might be a good addition for many, it doesn’t work me, as I’m constantly playing music through iTunes. With iTunes jingling around, here’s my experience:

  • Open a site with a video and watch it play
  • Hit (keyboard) pause button to pause iTunes
  • Not iTunes but the video in the browser gets paused (😠)
  • CMD+TAB into iTunes
  • Hit (keyboard) pause button to pause iTunes
  • Video in the browser resumes playback (with iTunes still playing too) (😡)

Looks like the browser (or macOS?) isn’t properly releasing/giving the focus, redirecting all media keys’ keystrokes to Chrome (instead of the focussed iTunes).


Thankfully, one can disable the support for Hardware Media Keys through some flags.

  1. Visit chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling
  2. Set the dropdown value to “Disabled”
  3. Restart Chrome

Ah, much better now!

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