Using react-devtools with React Native

The “React Developer Tools” is a very handy browser extension which lets inspect and manipulate the React component hierarchy along with their props and state. There’s also a standalone version, to be used with React Native.

To use it, install it as a project dependency:

npm install --save-dev react-devtools

And then adjust the scripts section in your package.json by adding this:

"devtools": "react-devtools"

And then finally run it as follows:

npm run devtools

It’s also possible to install react-devtools globally.

npm install -g react-devtools

And then run it as follows:


Viewing your console.log()s and such is not part of the react-devtools. To view them, continue as you’d normally do (e.g. running react-native log-ios or by using the In-App Developer Menu, choosing the option Debug JS Remotely)


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