“Beau teaches JavaScript” — Learn JavaScript with this huge collection of free videos

Beau Carnes has released a massive collection of videos on JavaScript.

My JavaScript Basics course is now live on freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel. These videos are designed to quickly give you key information on each topic. Also, I designed them to be as modular as possible. They work fine as stand-alone videos, if you just want to learn about a single topic.

Covered subjects, to name a few, are: variables, strings, functions, hoisting, comparators, arrays, loops, objects, … — yes, the whole lot.

And there’s even more:

Besides the JavaScript Basics course, I’ve also developed playlists for ES6, Clean Code, Data Structures, and Design Patterns.

My giant JavaScript Basics course is now live on YouTube. And it’s 100% free. →

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