Using Object.assign() to quickly set multiple inline styles

Since an HTMLElement its CSSStyleDeclaration (viz. its style property) essentially is an Object, it’s perfectly possible to pass it as the target object into Object.assign() along with a few other objects.

The result is that all keys from those extra objects will be merged as CSS properties along with their values on the currently applied styles. A lot faster than applying them one-by-one (*).

const $demo = document.querySelector('#demo');

Object.assign(, {
    display: 'inline-block',
    padding: '0.2em 0.4em',
    borderRadius: '0.4em',
    color: 'white',
    fontWeight: 700,
    background: 'rebeccapurple',

Here’s a demo pen:

(*) I know, a better approach would be to assign just one extra className onto an HTMLElement in order to apply a set of CSS rules onto it. I’m merely pointing out here that it’s possible to do this kind of thing.

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