Designers will design, developers will develop, and why you must stop them


Leonard Teo, CEO of ArtStation, on how he almost killed the project before – eventually – successfully launching it:

We were far behind schedule with a product I had allowed to become too complex. Whenever I needed a change that should have taken 5 minutes, it took days or even weeks.


I had allowed the developers to dictate to me the “best practices” and I had allowed them to go their merry way, which meant many sprints iterating on perfecting the architecture but not actually shipping the product. I failed to communicate the real business and time constraints and acquiesced to their push back, wanting to create beautiful code.

At work I sometimes question why we are about to do a project using a specific technology. It’s not because some technology is the new kid on the block, that we need to use said technology (although we might). Don’t get me wrong: it’s not about taking shortcuts, it’s about keeping things simple as – sometimes – something simple will really do. KISS & YAGNI & MSP & (in due time, if need be) git commit -am 'Refactoring'.

Designers will design, developers will develop, and why you must stop them →

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