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Are you reading A Song of Ice and Fire for the first time? Have you heard that volumes four and five – A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons – cover the same time period but split up the characters, so that most of the people who appear in Feast don’t show up in Dance and vice versa? Are you interested in recombining the two halves of the story in hopes that it’ll make for a more satisfying reading experience? Here’s how you do it!

A new reader–friendly combined reading order for A Feast for Crows & A Dance with Dragons →

(Hat tip, Michel)

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  1. If a dance with dragons had been released when I first started reading a feast for crows and I had this recommended reading order I would have sped right through the material. But once I got to a feast of crows after reading a storm of swords I was in for the biggest let down. I wanted to know what happened with Jon and the wall. I wanted to know what happened with Tyrion.

    It was tough. I think I may have actually stopped reading a feast for crows for awhile. I vaguely remember skipping over paragraphs. Hoping that at some point my favorite character POVs would show up.

    So to anybody reading this if you are really interested in those POVs (Danaerys) included than you might want to really consider checking this out.

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