Responsive Struggle

Photo by Marc Thiele

Once you overcome that initial struggle of adapting to a new process, designing and building responsive sites needn’t take any longer, or cost any more money. The real obstacle is designers and developers being set in their ways. I know this because I was one of those people, and to those of you who’ve now fully embraced RWD, you may well be nodding in agreement: we all struggled with it to begin with, just like we did when we moved from table-based layout to CSS.

— Elliot Jay Stocks

Quote taken from Elliot’s blogpost Responsive web design: the war has not yet been won which he based on a talk (audio here) he gave at the excellent Responive Day Out I attended in Brighton, UK last week.

Note: In case you couldn’t attend the conference, you can find nearly all slides/audio/etc via lanyrd. Definitely worth your time!

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