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Something that was long overdue: an official Facebook for WordPress Plugin which brings some basic Facebook features (such as injection of a Like Button, publishing to Facebook when publishing a post, etc.) and some new ones (such as tagging a Facebook friend straight from the WordPress “add post” screen) to WordPress

If you want to set up publishing – which I did – expect a lengthy process to go through (Facebook should omit the approval step imo).

UPDATE: I cannot seem to get the Publish to author’s Timeline feature working, and I’m not the only one. After publishing a post nothing is posted on my timeline and the publish-to-timeline-checkbox in my wp-admin goes unchecked.

The supposed fix that is circulating doesn’t work. Official Facebook response (found in the thread linked above) is “Hey folks, this gets disabled if there’s a Facebook API error. We’re working on a couple of things to make this flow easier. Please keep your eyes peeled for an update to the plugin next week.”

Good to read that they’ll be updating the flow. A pity they didn’t fix this before even launching

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    1. Manually deleting the plugin via FTP should fix this: WordPress won’t find the plugin, will let it silently fail, and carry on with whatever it was doing.

  1. I will wait for sometime, until they release an updated and bug free version.

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