iPhone : Arial vs. Helvetica

Removing the default Marker Felt puts Arial as the default font in MobileNotesJohn Gruber found a way (by hex editing the MobileNotes app binary) to get Helvetica in place, and ooh … I think this (as of yesterday) does void the warranty 😛


One Response to iPhone : Arial vs. Helvetica

  1. This is a bit too much for me. I like Helvetica, always did (see my 4M logo), but the notes screenshot looks absolutly awful!

    I mean it’s just for notes. It’ not a text editor. Marker Felt fits perfectly for that small notes matter.

    Besides, Helvetica text makes the icons below look a bit silly (sure, these icons are another story, but they match Marker Felt ways better).

    Helvetica hype at it’s best.

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