My Javascript (non-AJAX) Progress Bar Class : jsProgressBarHandler

progress.gifDon’t you just hate it when people wrongly label something as AJAX? A fine example of this is the – so called – AJAX Progress Bar. Above that the javascript could … well … let’s say “a rewrite needs to be done” popped up in my head, resulting in jsProgressBarHandler, a Prototype.js class to dynamically creating (unobtrusive of course) and manipulating progress bars.

PS: Don’t think of jsProgressBarHandler as a bashing, but as a designologue between scripters 😉

PPS: Yes, I know it’s tempting to use the word AJAX whenever possible, as – next to the fact that it’s a buzzword – most of the people out there see “something getting moved over the screen” as being AJAX.

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  1. I actually always hate it when some picky little nerd gives some guy – who was just trying to help everyone out – a hard time over some miniscule semantic point. And when said nerd then proceeds to make little comments about the code as if he was a pansy little girl in a pink tutu.

    You may write the greatest progress bar in the world (if that’s your seminal achievement) but you’ll still be a douchebag.

    Oh, and by the way, douchebag, this is just a ‘designologue’ between us.

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