My tossed in stick – a peek into the text message inbox …

sticktoss.jpgLooks like goOve_ tossed a stick into … time to pick it up and toss it a bit further …

This meme-kind of thing (FYI: meme rhymes with theme) is all about quoting your text messages’ inbox.

Back in the days when I had my t610 I moved all of my text messages to floAt’s Mobile Agent (fma) via Bluetooth. When the phone crashed about a year ago I got stuck to transferring them text messages via a cable to fma since the k500i does not support Bluetooth.

Now, when that cable stopped functioning (or is the phone?) I just started deleting them. Above that I don’t get texts that often … however a small list does exist:

  • Proximus : "U hebt 1 nieuw bericht, bel 1230"
  • Jeroen : "Jow bramus.. Zeg kom jij straks nog naar het vt? Want het is niet open…"
  • Thomas : "Fantuzzi vooravond?"
  • Manuel : "iMac Dead. mainboard or logicboard seems to be fuixxored :( but apple has a repairextension for this. though, i have to ship it in. but anyways- thanks for the mail and the re-wire!"

Picking up the stick and throwing it towards Manuel whenever his iMac gets reanimated.

Another Dailie, Bramus!

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