Summer.Of.A.Lot : Changes

I’ve been meaning to write here sooner, but loads of stuff have kept me from writing here … therefore I’m just bundling it all up into 1 post πŸ˜‰

– Changes : PT #1 : Hats ‘n stuff –

After nearly 10 months of service my infamous green truckers’ hat has been replaced by a new brown-‘n-blue one.


The main reason behind the change is that it got an unwashable stain on top of it a few weeks ago. The stain got there while I was helping out while replacing the exhaust on my brother his, also infamous, van (a red Ford Transit in case you were wondering).

Some good memories go with that hat … it will be missed (didn’t throw it away though, it now resides on top of my closet :)).

The coolest thing about the green hat was that it actually never was intented to wear it that much… last September (2004 that is) I was walking through Gent and the sun was shining in my eyes … since that bothered me a bit I went to the H&M (it was on the way home) and bought it there for only € 5. Wore the hat a few days and ppl liked it, so I kinda kept on wearing it … and that for a cheapo hat 8)

– Changes : PT #2 : Spacious –

After living with my brother in one and the same room for 22 years he moved out a few weeks ago and now lives on his own. This means that for the first time in my life I have a room of my own.

You might now think that I was crazy to live with my bro real close for that long I must that I liked it since we agree on matters. Hey, I spent my childhood with him now that I think of it.

After he moved out, I kinda redid the whole room … bummed out the huge closet, switched the bed from wall, bummed out some more stuff, moved my pc in (which stood in the living room up untill recently), etc.

Although my brother did move out, I surely won’t forget him … excellent years spent together talking, doing nothing, helping eachother out, etc.

– Changes : PT #3 : Work –

Well, I graduated a month ago … now I am a "Professional Bachelor ICT" and in September I’ll start working as a webdeveloper at (where I did my traineeship).

So yeah, I’ll be working for real and above that I’ll be doing what I like doing : webdev … looking forward to it πŸ™‚

– Changes : PT #4 : Phone –

Last week my precious t610 (SonyEricsson) crashed. When I start it up, enter pin & phone code, it loads up and after 5 seconds it just reboots. Tested it with a few different SIM-Cards, but the problem just reoccurs not matter which SIM-Card is in the phone.

Since the warranty wasn’t valid anymore I was in doubt of repairing it or buying a new one. Luckely for me the k500i is really cheap nowadays so I just bought that one (since costs for repairing my T610 would be more expensive).

The k500i may seem a step backwards since it has no BlueTooth but all the other stuff on it is improved when compared to the T610: better screen, better responsiveness (the t610 would seem stuck sometimes), more memory (12 MB instead of 2MB), MP3 support, Socket Support, etc.

Besides, I didn’t use BlueTooth that much so it’s no big loss (only used it to connect to FMA, which also can be done by using a DCU11-Cable or Infrared).

– Changes : PT #5 : Hair.Cut –

Just got back from the barbershop about an hour ago … looks like she didn’t understand the therm "that long", cos’ she halved that. So now I’m here with my hair way too short. To give you a visual of this : an animation (Click for bigger pic):


That kinda sums it up.

Peace.out y’all!

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