My Red Alert

Yesterday I went to see “Code Red“, the new show from Praga Khan at Capitole, Gent. One might know Praga Khan from their superhit “Breakfast in Vegas” or “Power of the Flower” and think that the show is one odd thing with pounding beats and such. Let me contradict this immediately: the show is a nice collaboration of different music styles, theatre, visuals, specials effects, ballet, etc!

The show started with a good tune, kinda drum-n-bass like. The curtains were still closed. The curtains then opened, and there they were: 12 ballerinas next to each other, doing their thing (viz. Ballet) on the pounding beats! That’s what I call an extremely nice "first scene".

Code Red - Ballet

After that, the show became better and better! Here some highlights:

  • Flamenco version of “Breakfast in Vegas”
  • The breakdancing Taka Nohara dancing with a ballerina
Taka Nohara
  • Tango version of “Skin to skin”
  • ActionPainting : blacklight + 2 persons + fluorescent paint == party!
  • Mr. Scale (Beatbox) backed up by an operasinger
  • That same operasinger singing on some fast beat (can’t remember the name) … reminded me of that scene from “The fifth Element” (supergreen!)
  • The finale of the show, “Power of the Flower” in it’s true form.
Code Red - Finale

Above that we got a leaflet of the show (printed on high quality paper) for free (where some other shows would ask €5 for this!), and it was odd/cool that lots of older people were there, who actually enjoyed the show!


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