My new naming scheme

One might ask “Why o why do you name every post ‘My xyz’?”. The answer might not be what you expect though…

It might not be what you expect, but the answer to this mystery is in fact quite simple:

Kudos on the nice pooper!

Wtf? Has Bramus! gone berzerk? No he hasn’t! I’m only referring to the excellent sitcom named Scrubs (Click the links above to know more about this show).


Scrubs is awesome in each aspect: the humor, the storyline, the characters, etc. it’s all in line. Most of all, the thing that does it for me is the narration during the episodes. When watching an episode, one can always hear what the main character John Dorian (played by Zach Braff, director of Garden State) is thinking at that moment. One could compare it to the narration of “The Wonder Years” and “Sex and the City”. Now that I think of it … both those shows were hits too, did I just find a connection between the success of the three?


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