What’s new in the upcoming PHP 7.4?

Good overview by Brendt on the new features that will be landing in PHP 7.4, which is due somewhere December 2019. I’m especially looking forward to Typed properties. New in PHP 7.4 → 💭 One thing I personally find missing in PHP’s typehinting, is a way to typehint array contents — e.g. “I’d like an […]

PHP Scalar Type Hints

At this moment a vote on the PHP RFC “Scalar Type Hints” is going on. It would allow stuff like this: <?php class ElePHPant { public $name, $age, $cuteness, $evil; public function __construct(string $name, int $age, float $cuteness, bool $evil) { $this->name = $name; $this->age = $age; $this->cuteness = $cuteness; $this->evil = $evil; } } […]