Webplatform.org is a community-driven site that aims to become a comprehensive source for web developer documentation. The founding members of Web Platform Docs have already contributed a lot of content to this project, but you can help too

Basically this has to become your go-to site if you’re looking for information to creating websites, instead of having to hop between the Mozilla Developer Network, HTML5 Rocks, dev.opera, etc.

Great to see that it’s backed by the browser vendors (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla, …) and some other big players (such as Facebook), all convened by the W3C. Also great to see a few familiar speakers such as Nicholas C Zakas, Divya Manian, and Paul Irish appear to be linked to the project.

Nice, yet wondering what will happen to the aforementioned MDN, HTML5 Rocks, etc. over time. Content which is now duplicated onto WebPlatform.org will indefinitely become out of sync over time.

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