The Case of the Top Secret iPod

David Shayer, who was an iPod Software Engineer – the 2nd one they hired for the iPod project when it started in 2001 – back in the day:

It was a gray day in late 2005. I was sitting at my desk, writing code for the next year’s iPod. Without knocking, the director of iPod Software — my boss’s boss — abruptly entered and closed the door behind him. He cut to the chase. “I have a special assignment for you. Your boss doesn’t know about it. You’ll help two engineers from the US Department of Energy build a special iPod. Report only to me.”

You can of course already guess the two engineers didn’t work for the US Department of Energy itself, but worked for a US Defense Contractor …

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My iPod Management : XPlay

iPod NanoIn the recently posted “10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod” Ross McKillop (the author) brings forward 10 programs to manage your iPod in Windows/Linux/OSX. Great list in my opinion, yet on Windows there’s this one killer app to manage your iPod which he did not mention: XPlay. Reason he didn’t mention it, is that Xplay is not free (the apps mentioned in his article all are free), yet a mere $ 29.95 really is considered (more than) “worth its money” when seeing the app in action.

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