OS X hardlink

UPDATE 2013.02.09: Via the comments I’ve come to know that it is possible with ln after all as long as you don’t combine a tilde (˜) and quotes in the source path (which I did because some of my folders have spaces in their name). Just escape any spaces with a \ and the tilde will resolve fine. No need for one to install hardlink. Thanks @mathias!

A simple command-line utility that implements directory hardlinks on Mac OS X

Because OS X’ built-in ln is crippled. Install via:

git clone git://github.com/selkhateeb/hardlink.git
sudo make install


# create hardlink
hardlink source destination

#remove hardlink
hardlink -u destination

Thanks to this one I can now cd into ~/Kaho/ws2 instead of ~/Dropbox/Kaho/Lesactiviteiten/WS2 - Serverside/2012-2013 🙂

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