The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Like many six year olds with a MacGyver mullet I learned how to ride a bike when I was really young. I had learned a life skill and I was really proud of it. Everything changed though when my friend Barney called me 25 years later. He had a challenge for me. He had built a special bicycle and he wanted me to try to ride it. He had only changed one thing. When you turn the handlebar to the left, the wheel goes to the right. When you turn it to the right, the wheel goes to the left. I thought this would be easy so I hopped on the bike ready to demonstrate how quickly I could conquer this.

Fascinating to see how fixed our brain can become, and how flexible young brains are.

The Denny

The Denny has integrated brake lights and turn signals, a no maintenance belt drive instead of a chain, and a removable handle bar that doubles as a bike lock. Sensors tied to a microprocessor can detect if the cyclist is struggling up a hill and automatically downshift or upshift to make an easier ride. The technology is also tied to an eAssist battery-powered motor in the front hub that kicks in when the bike is going uphill.