PHP Monitor — Visual PHP Version Switcher that integrates with Laravel Valet

If you’re just getting started with PHP and/or Homebrew, the whole CLI aspect to install and manage PHP versions can become a bit overwhelming. With PHP Monitor by Nico Verbruggen that task becomes easier to handle.

Lightweight, native Mac menu bar app that interacts with Laravel Valet. Helps you manage multiple PHP installations, locate config files and more. Written in Swift.

Installation via Homebrew:

brew tap nicoverbruggen/homebrew-cask
brew install --cask phpmon

As PHPMon is tightly integrated with Laravel Valet, you need to have Valet installed before setting up PHPMon.

💡 Would be nice to see this app evolve into a fully fledged UI to manage Valet, removing the need to define sites via the valet link and the like.

PHP Monitor Source (GitHub) →

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