InfluxDB Flux: type conflict: int != float

In a Flux query I was writing I wanted to negate the fetched values using a map function to multiply each value by -1:

map(fn: (r) => ({ _value: r._value * -1 }))

To my surprise this yielded an error:

type conflict: int != float

Took me a few Google Search Coupons to realize the error got trigger not by the type of the _value, but by the -1 in there. The solution therefore is really simple: don’t multiply by an integer (e.g. -1) but multiply by a float (e.g. -1.0); like so:

map(fn: (r) => ({ _value: r._value * -1.0 }))


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  1. Hi, I am also new with flux and do struggle quite a lot. I have the opposite issue.
    I wanted to map the integer values (r._value) 1 and 0 to float 49.9 and 50.1 so I tried
    |> map(fn: (r) => ({ r with _value: 49.9+0.2*r._value }))

    So I get the same issue. But I can’t just switch to int, can I? Is there a solution to do that?

  2. I found the solution for the opposite: map int to float. it is not the map function, it seams to be an issue that int can not multiply with float. Change the type first.
    This works:
    |> map(fn: (r) => ({ r with _value: 49.985+0.03*float(v:r._value)}))
    where r._value is of type int.

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