The Case for Web Components

With the release of “Edgium”, all major browsers now support Web Components.

Perfect time to link to this by Viljami Salminen in which he makes the case for Web Components:

We couldn’t just choose [a framework] because the different tech stacks were picked by different teams (or even different sub-companies) for different reasons and we would have never succeeded if we would have tried to force everyone to use a specific technology like React.

Instead, we had the urge to create a technology-agnostic instead of technology-specific system. A system that is based on Web Standards and would survive the births and deaths of JavaScript frameworks.

I’m very curious to see how Stencil wil fare from all this.

Why We Use Web Components →

💡 Over at CSS Tricks you can find a solid introduction to Web Components, along with this recent one on the various current (and future) styling options for Web Components.

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