Typed Properties in PHP

As mentioned before I’m really looking forward to Typed Properties that will land in PHP 7.4 (now in alpha!). Brent has done a full writeup on ‘m:

In this post we’ll look at the feature in-depth, but first let’s start by summarising the most important points:

  • They are available as of PHP 7.4, which is scheduled to be released in November of 2019
  • They are only available in classes and require an access modifier: public, protected or private; or var
  • All types are allowed, except void and callable

Typed properties in PHP →

💭 As also mentioned before, I’m missing one specific typehint: Foo[].

This typehint would tell PHP that you require a variable to be “an array of Foo‘s”. With the current typehint system that not possible: when requiring the type array, you cannot specify its contents.

And no, the variadic function syntax is not a closing solution workaround for this.

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