Fixing the valet share 301 Redirect Loop

One of the nice things of Laravel Valet is that it includes an easy way to make your local site available publicly. For this it has the aforementioned Ngrok built-in. To use it, just run the valet share command, and your local site will be shared through a * subdomain.

However, when combining valet share with valet secure (which serves your local site over HTTPS) it won’t work: you’ll end up in a 301 Redirect Loop when visiting your site through the * domain.

To fix this issue there are two options:

  1. The old way: Manually edit your sites Nginx config file and remove the block that listens on port 80.

    As valet issue#382 details, you can fix this error by manually editing the Nginx configuration for your site.

    Say your site is mysite.test, then its Nginx config file can be found at ~/.config/valet/Nginx/mysite.test.

    💁‍♂️ Can’t find the file at said location?

    Note that Valet versions < 2.1.0 use the ~/.valet folder instead of the ~/.config/valet/ folder

    Inside the ~/.config/valet/Nginx/mysite.test file, look for a block that looks like this:

    server {
        listen 80;
        server_name mysite.test;
        return 301 https://$host$request_uri;

    Now remove that block entirely (or comment it out using the # sign), save it, and restart valet using valet restart.

    When now using valet share it will work fine 🙂

  2. The new way: Upgrade Valet to version 2.1.3 or newer

    It came to my attention through valet issue#148 that valet 2.1.3 got released just three days ago and that it contains an out-of-the-box fix for this bug … yay! 🎉

    To upgrade your Valet install run this:

    # update package
    composer global update
    # Make Valet do its housekeeping
    valet install

    When now using valet share it will work fine 🙂

    Note that when coming from Valet < 2.1.0 the ~/.valet folder will have moved to ~/.config/valet/

There ya go 🙂

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